Entrepreneurship tips in SUCCESS Magazine

Entrepreneurship tips in SUCCESS Magazine

Comments from our founder and Managing Director, Kraettli L. Epperson, at the Dallas Digital Summit got picked up in Success Magazine’s online blog. They especially liked the comments on picking the right people:

People Are Everything

“Finding the right people is really the biggest challenge and the most important thing you’re going to do with your startup early on,” Epperson says. “If you’re going to spend your time on anything, spend it on finding the right people…. It’s going to be the thing that can allow you to grow the fastest. I’ve gone back and forth, over many years of building companies, between hiring for experience and hiring for raw passion. And it always comes down to hiring for passion. The experience, you can get other ways over time. But you’ve got to have people who really believe in you and what you’re doing in order for your startup to work.”

via Three DO’s (From Three Guys Who Have Done It) | SUCCESS.


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March 4, 2015