Financial Audit of Fortune 100 Logistics Company

Financial Audit of Fortune 100 Logistics Company


Acted as Executive-in-Charge and Project Manager for sensitive accounts payable audit of Fortune 100 logistics company. Company had recently acquired two other companies and in addition to major integration disruptions, was experiencing significant A/P process failures.

Led team of 3 auditors to apply data mining, statistical analysis, forensic interviewing, forensic accounting techniques and process analysis to recover more than $90 million in misapplied and missing payments.

  • Acquired full client A/P database and Master Vendor List for data analysis
  • Loaded all data into a SQL Server database for advanced analysis
  • Led team to perform statistical analysis, data mining and other analytic approaches to payment identification
  • Conducted weekly progress reviews with the client
  • Served as liaison to the client’s VP Finance, in charge of billions in domestic and international revenues


  • Project Management
  • Strategic IT Analysis
  • Workflow Process Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Financial Auditing
  • Forensic Accounting


  • Recovered more than $90 million in missing and misapplied payments for the client
  • Delivered a detailed report containing 18 recommendations to improve the A/P process and prevent future losses
  • Helped client to re-apply payments to client accounts resulting in recovery of significant client goodwill
  • Delivered data analysis tools, including database and statistical analysis scripts, to the client for ongoing use

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August 6, 2014