Restructure of Hospitality Industry Software Vendor

Restructure of Hospitality Industry Software Vendor


Acting on behalf of the board of directors and investors, executed a restructure and recapitalization of an independent software vendor providing services to the hospitality and retail industries.

Recapitalization involved significant equity and debt restructure, negotiation with exiting executive management and recruiting new management.

  • Provided liaison with legal and accounting services in structuring a recapitalization.
  • Negotiated with creditors and departing executives to complete a successful restructure.
  • Executed plan for retention of key employees and retention of client contracts.
  • Aided company in recruiting new executive team and in creating incentive plans and a qualified incentive stock options program.
  • Advised company in protection and retention of important intellectual property assets through corporate transition.
  • Negotiated conversion of senior secured notes and issuing of Series A preferred shares in recapitalization.


  • Venture Development
  • Executive Management
  • Turnaround and Restructure
  • Intellectual Property Assurance
  • Vendor Negotiations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Strategic IT
  • Project Management
  • Joint Venture


  • Company secured new, qualified executive management and additional operating capital
  • Company launched a new product line with a higher profit margin and lower operating costs
  • Company secured 125% more clients over the subsequent 12-month period

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August 6, 2014