Seed Funding and Launch of Micro-Crowdfunding Platform

Seed Funding and Launch of Micro-Crowdfunding Platform


Through VentureSpur 2013 – Provided seed funding, mentorship and advisory services to online incubator and micro-crowdfunding platform providing entrepreneurs with an online network and easy tools to raise funds to accomplish early-stage development and branding tasks for their startup. The company is led by two experienced entrepreneurs with a deep dedication to helping others and understanding of the startup development process.


  • Ongoing Board Service
  • Third-party Funding Negotiations
  • Venture Development
  • Seed Investment
  • Fundraising
  • Advisory


Company raised significant angel and institutional investment, built out online crowdfunding platform and launched private beta test of the platform with expected public launch in 2015 and a second round of funding.



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December 3, 2014