Syndication of Nanotechnology Investment

Syndication of Nanotechnology Investment


Acted as lead investor in a syndicate of venture capital firms and individual investors evaluating a Series B common stock investment in a nanotechnology electronics company. Company developed and commercialized a patented nano-electronics manufacturing process that served as an industry-leading platform for the development of nano-electronic components, including integrated circuits.

  • Collected all company due diligence materials, performed initial indexing and evaluation of materials and performed due diligence functions.
  • Coordinated extensive meetings with executives and investors for review of due diligence materials.
  • Performed review and reported on related research and technology trends.
  • Distributed confidential and sensitive materials to syndicate members using a control number system.
  • Performed investment analysis on behalf of the syndicate, including pricing evaluation and negotiations.
  • Evaluated commercialization prospects, contracts, and partnerships.
  • Reviewed existing patents and new patent prospects.


  • Valuation
  • Advisory
  • Private Equity
  • Due Diligence
  • Joint Venture


Coordinated investors in due diligence, review and investment syndication for early-stage nanotechnology company.

Company raised more than $23MM in subsequent investment capital.


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August 6, 2014