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Kraettli L. Epperson, Managing Director and Co-Founder of  VENTURESPUR in Oklahoma City, Friday July 26, 2013. Photo By Steve Gooch, The OklahomanMr. Kraettli L. Epperson is the founder of JumpPhase Ventures and serves as the firm’s Managing Partner. Prior to joining JumpPhase, Mr. Epperson served for 15 years as an executive, board member, advisor and investor to companies in a wide range of industries including information technology, financial services and auditing, hospitality and consumer web services.

Mr. Epperson has led companies from early stage formation and capital raising through development and growth to successful exit.

As a consultant, he has led financial and operational audits of Fortune 500 firms that led to hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries and savings.

As an investor, he has led and participated in numerous syndications, including performing due diligence and research on ventures in emerging materials science, nanotechnology, information technology and other areas.

Mr. Epperson brings the experienced, skeptical eye of the investor to firm engagements, focusing on helping ventures to understand and do what is necessary to become successful – and nothing more or less. Mr. Epperson especially focuses on investment and capital formation advising, business model development, financial management, information technology strategy and market focus.

Mr. Epperson has served as an adjunct professor at Rice University where he created and taught UNIV313: Entrepreneurial Leadership for four years, providing selected undergraduates with a focused seminar on practical entrepreneurship. He holds a BA, cum laude and with Honors, from Rice University.

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Mr. Epperson’s personal blog is, at which he muses and opines on the state of innovation and technology investment in the US, as well as providing practical tips and product reviews for the technology executive.

Mr. Epperson can also be followed on Twitter: @klepperson