You are the measure of what you create.

The time and resources are limited, but the possibilities are limitless.

What would you like to build today?

JumpPhase Ventures is a private venture development lab that takes a hands-on approach to product development, business development and growth. We provide consulting, advisory, and executive leadership around all aspects of building and transforming high performance ventures.


Consulting & Executive Services

We can provide management consulting, interim executive leadership and other services to help manage and grow your venture.


Strategy is about spending your time and resources wisely. We help you to identify the problems to solve that have real impact, define them with clarity and then do the research to develop an economic model. We design business plans based on proven market size, cost to acquire customers, churn rate, overhead rates and other critical numbers.

Business Development

You’ve got a product and a target buyer, but you’re not growing fast enough. We can provide sophisticated business development services, from go-to-market strategies, list building and sales collateral design to sales force development and sales training and leadership.

vCTO & Technology

With a long track record of building successful tech companies, we can provide depth of experience, software and systems architecture, project management and other services to help you avoid common pitfalls, control costs, and build sustainable, valuable technology inside your company.

Joint Ventures

We participate in new ventures, products and syndications as a co-founder or joint venture equity partner in order to provide expertise, hands-on development work and to quickly build enterprise value.

Capital Formation

You’ve got a great product and happy clients, but you’re going to need cash to grow. Raising money can be complicated. We provide retained advisory services around capital formation, especially including private placements.


Project Management

We provide project management services to provide coherent, purpose-driven planning, execution and accountability, management of vendors, project audits and turnaround.

Smart Marketing

Modern digital marketing is fast and powerful, but complex. Through SEO, SEM, data mining and other methods, we build massive databases of customers for your product, and then we find fun, informative ways to reach them. We also build market credibility and brand awareness through websites, marketing materials, white papers, and channel partner programs.

Mergers & Acquisitions

At some point, with growth, your company is either going to need to buy or get bought. It can be a complicated, risky process. We can provide retained advisory services around mergers and acquisitions, including valuations and term sheet negotiation.

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Kraettli is a true entrepreneur’s investor. That’s because he’s a true entrepreneur! Kraettli has an incredible history of startup ventures spanning the first dotcom era through the contemporary social web. His experience with diverse companies, stages and people makes him one of the most interesting and seasoned founders/mentors/investors who I have ever encountered. Ashok Kamal

CEO, Co-Founder, SIVI

Kraettli was a wonderful mentor and advisor to Ashok and I at Venturespur. He always made time for us, despite the constant intensity of running an accelerator , his consulting firm, and family. Kraettli understands intimately the challenges of building a business from the ground up. He is able to draw from his tremendous base of experiences and communicate the learnings to the next generation. Kraettli’s calm demeanor puts the entrepreneur at ease during the trials of startup life. I strongly recommend Kraettli for any managerial occupation. Nicholas Seet

CTO & Co-Founder, SIVI

Kraettli is both a visionary and an apt business leader. He has the unique ability to combine creative long-term thinking with the pragmatism required to execute in the near-term. I enjoyed working with Kraettli, and would recommend him highly to start-ups looking for experienced guidance.

Jeff Darlington

Head of Strategy, Enterprise, Australia Post

Kraettli Epperson is the driving force behind numerous efforts to encourage entrepreneurship at Rice University. I worked with him for three years when he served as a lecturer, mentor and volunteer in the Leadership Rice program.  By bringing in his colleagues and using real-life illustrations, Kraettli pushed students to think as business owners, not students. Class participants really enjoyed – and benefitted from – the challenge!

Natalia Dyba

Interim Director, Leadership Rice

Kraettli is an entrepreneur with a rare combination of vision, drive and ability to execute. I’ve had the privilege of working with him in multiple contexts and it is always a pleasure. He is on my “executive dream team” for sure. Gabe Bass

Co-Founder, Board of Directors, VentureSpur, LaunchOklahoma

Kraettli helped us tremendously by sharing a pathway to become a legitimate startup. He gave us the building blocks to create essential business documents and connected us to wonderful mentors. He was integral to laying a solid foundation for our company from which we have the best chance to prosper. Kraettli is an advisor but I see him as a part of the team. Chris Shilling

COO & Co-Founder, vakargo