Launch and Management of Emergency Communications Startup

Launch and Management of Emergency Communications Startup


Managed the launch of a new venture providing critical emergency communications to both public and private sector entities using an integrated web and telephony software application. Included full-service incubation, venture development services and ongoing advising of investors and management.

  • Provided initial product and market strategy, business planning and technology research.
  • Selected and managed initial incorporation and capital structure.
  • Identified and advised on critical vendors and service providers in bringing product to market.
  • Recruited executive talent and developed qualified incentive stock option plan.
  • Advised and participated in the pursuit of technology patents.
  • Completed seed investment round in order to fund development activities and position the company for Series A fundraising.
  • Advised and participated in Series A and Series B investment rounds.
  • Provided full-service incubation services and ongoing board service.


  • Venture Development
  • Executive Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Fundraising, Marketing
  • Strategic IT
  • Project Management
  • Joint Venture


  • Company raised more than $1MM in private investment and launched industry-leading product.
  • Company registered¬†5 patents in multiple markets, including US, European and Asian patents.
  • Company secured major clients in education, banking, healthcare and logistics.



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August 6, 2014