Venture Development and Seed Investment in Financial Services Company

Venture Development and Seed Investment in Financial Services Company


Acted as venture development consultant and advisor to private investors making investment in a financial services company during initial startup phase. Company provided accounts payable auditing and recovery services to Fortune 1000 companies especially in mining, manufacturing, logistics and entertainment.

  • Provided consulting in valuation, corporate structure and investment strategy.
  • Delivered extensive technical consulting around development of proprietary business process management systems.
  • Development and execution of marketing plan and sales management plan.
  • Served as┬áContract Chief Information Officer.
  • Provided management consulting on specific high-value client engagements beyond the scope of the company’s typical services and expertise.


  • Venture Development
  • Executive Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Strategic IT
  • Project Management
  • Joint Venture


  • Company secured more than $2MM in private investment
  • Company created nationwide practice in accounts payable auditing and related consulting services, securing major clients in manufacturing, logistics, oil and gas exploration and production, mining and entertainment.
  • Development and deployment of industry-leading audit automation information technology including data collection, entry and analysis tools for front-line auditors.

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August 6, 2014